Nobody really knows just what Cliff Bleszinski is working on, but he's been teasing his next project with (supposedly) related images of concept art. Can you put the clues together?

A third image was posted to Bleszinski's Twitter, this time featuring a major storm doing big time damage to mysterious city. This follows the previous teases of soldiers along a river and a futuristic sports team. How all three are part of the same game isn't really all that clear, but there's obviously some connection running through the trifecta of images.

Either this game takes place in the future or an alternate Earth. The latest image has hints of the Hollywood sign in the foreground, so we're pretty sure this storm is tearing up L.A. The sports team could be from that city, though there's no indication this team shares anything in common with existing franchises. The soldiers on the river don't appear to be in California, but anything is possible at this point.

We still don't know when Cliff will be unveiling this game for the first time, but each image has us more intrigued as the puzzle starts to come together. What do you think the game will be?