Just days prior to the Comic-Con 2013 festivities, Tom Cruise's upcoming sci-fier, 'Edge of Tomorrow' (formerly titled 'All You Need Is Kill'), announced a panel presentation during the Warner Bros. time slot in Hall H on Saturday, July 20.

Director Doug Liman, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, and stars Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise came out to present the panel for ‘Edge of Tomorrow.' But first the crowd was treated to the first trailer – The film is set just a few years in the future, as Liman said, where Tom Cruise’s character develops a very special power, which allows him to repeat the previous day after he dies. Amidst an alien invasion, he quickly realizes that this is his strategy for defeating them – dying each time, but learning their weaknesses more and more after every reincarnation.

“It’s probably the hardest thing I did physically,” said Blunt, describing how she trained months prior to shooting. “We did a month of stunt training and rehearsals [in London].”

The suits were extremely heavy (upwards of 85 lbs., while Cruise’s, depending on the added equipment, weighed upwards of 100 lbs.) to wear so the cast needed to be in shape and constantly work out. “Doug said our personalities did a 180 when we put the suits on,” said Blunt. “We were much nicer out of the suits.”

Cruise’s main motivation for signing on was working with Doug Liman, with whom he wanted to work for some time. “What he does with the genre is very unique and turns it on its head … The alien invasion film has now become a trope, and people understand the language of this kind of genre, and now we can really get into this kind of fun character journey.”

Blunt plays Rita Vrataski, a character known as Valkyrie 1 in the film, though the soldiers call her “Full Metal B----.” “Everyone was impressed by how prepared [Blunt] was physically for the film,” said Cruise. “If you were going balls out, I would do the same,” she replied.

To the surprise of the crowd, Bill Paxton emerged from the audience to join the panel on stage, as he’s also in the film.

“There’s a kind of colonial marines vibe to the film,” he said.

Bill Cage is in the United States army and he’s responsible for media relations. He designed the campaign for Valkyrie 1 to recruit troops. He’s a guy who’s having a very easy war. A guy who’s made a name off of this campaign he created. Through various mistakes he makes, politically, he winds up in the suit in the center of the storm.

“Tom makes an amazing coward,” said Liman. “That was the most fun I’ve had directing … he’s brilliant at it.”

Paxton’s character in the film, as he revealed, believes him to be a deserter, and he and the whole platoon put that against him. “Bill’s character believes dying a heroic death on the battlefield and winning hold equal value,” said Liman.

While Cruise’s character remembers each day, Blunt’s character is meeting him for the first time each day. “It was really exciting and challenging to play with that relationship,” said Blunt.

“I just want to entertain you all,” said Cruise. “It’s a dream of mine to be able to do it and an honor.”

'Edge of Tomorrow' is directed by Doug Liman and is scheduled for theatrical release on June 6, 2014.