Streets ahead, 'Community' has at long last returned for season 4! Though last night's "History 101" debuted to mixed reactions, early word says that the long-delayed NBC series gained a nice boost in ratings from its 2011 showings, scoring a bit over prior timeslot occupant '30 Rock.' It's a good sign for 'Community' fans, and hopefully an indicator toward a fifth season, but why wait until next week for a taste of the latest episode? Check out the latest 'Community' photos of "Paranormal Parentage" to see the Greendale gang celebrating Halloween a bit off-schedule!

Thanks to 'Community' season 4's delay from October 19 to February 7, fans will regrettably endure a few ill-timed holiday episodes, beginning with next week's Halloween-themed "Paranormal Parentage." The second episode of the season will see the gang finally exploring Pierce Hawthorne's spooky mansion as they attempt to free him from the panic room en route to a party, but how would you like a sneak peek?

NBC has released new photos from next Thursday's episode, highlighting the Greendale seven in all their time-displaced Halloween costume glory! Someone's been watching the internet, putting Abed and Troy in the roles of Calvin and Hobbes respectively, while Britta hams things up, Annie puts 'The Ring' on it, Shirley makes her bid for the new 'Star Wars' movie, and Jeff...continues looking cool as a boxer. Even Dean Pelton gets in on the costumed action (like any other day) looking disturbingly attractive in the process. Yeah, we said it.

Check out the photos from next Thursday's all-new 'Community' episode "Paranormal Parentage" below, and tell us what you thought of last night's premiere in the comments!