Last week, 'Community' fans were dealt yet another blow in the show's increasingly troubled future, as favored writer Megan Ganz announced she would leave behind the series for a role in the 'Modern Family' writers' room. 'Community's 13-episode fourth season is still on track for its February 7 premiere, but is there any realistic hope the Greendale gang will live on for a fifth year, graduation and all? NBC president Bob Greenblatt weighs in on the future of 'Community' inside!

'Community' fans know all-too-well the difficulties the fourth season has faced, from losing show-runner and creator Dan Harmon, shuffling the schedule from October 19 to February 7, losing Chevy Chase, and most recently writer Megan Ganz, so could a fifth season really be in the card? Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour panel, NBC Chariman Bob Greenblatt seemed surprisingly optimistic about the fate of a fifth season.

When asked on the possibility of 'Community' living beyond its upcoming fourth season, Greenblatt replied "Yes, absolutely. I'm always hopeful for a show to continue. We co-own it and I'd love nothing more than to see it continue." Even better, Greenblatt assured fans that the transition from show-runner Dan Harmon to new heads Moses Port and David Guarascio hasn't drastically altered the critical darling.

I don't know that I'm the Community expert, but I think you're going to see relatively the same show that you have seen before. There is a little bit more heart built in to it, but we didn't fundamentally change it.

Even better, Greenblatt expressed that Chevy Chase's exit had little impact on the fourth season, absent only for two episodes, and wouldn't necessarily decrease the chances of a fifth. If nothing else, Greenblatt remained optimistic about the network's involvement with star Joel McHale. "For the future, I think he's great. But we don't have any official plan yet. I could see him in anything, I think he can do what ever he wants."

What say you? Do you think Greenblatt's words should have us optimistic about a fourth season of 'Community?' Check out a clip from the season 4 premiere on February 7, and give us your thoughts in the comments!