The only thing more fun than one person doing cosplay is group cosplay! And we're really digging this awesome Captain America, featuring Bucky Barnes and the evil Red Skull.

Taken by photographer Carlos Adama (no, that's not his real name, 'Battlestar Galactica' fans), these photos of his cosplaying friends Josh, Lil Prince and an unknown third party as Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Red Skull, respectively, are truly great. Okay, they're really great. And we love that we have no idea who the person cosplaying as Red Skull really is, which is pretty fitting. Talk about getting into character, right? [UPDATE: The Red Skull cosplayer has been identified as Samuel Rendell. Though, if you want to maintain that air of mystery, forget we said anything.]

The trio got together for a well-rounded photo shoot, featuring some portraits and action shots -- we really like the outdoor and prison set-ups, pitting Cap and Bucky against Red Skull. We love when cosplayers go all out and create scenarios for their photos. It's just like playing pretend as a kid, and isn't cosplay just a grown-up version of that? Pretty much. And the work on this Red Skull mask is beautiful, making it really pop in the photos.

Check out some pics of Josh, Lil Prince and the mysterious Red Skull in action below, or head over to Carlos Adama's Flickr for more.

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