Good luck getting the 'Jem and the Holograms' theme song out of your head after checking out this colorful tribute to our favorite animated singer.

Cosplay doesn't have to be all comic books and geek-friendly movies! If you were a girl who grew up in the '90s, you undoubtedly loved 'Jem,' a cartoon show about a girl who uses a magic earring to transform from a normal lady into the lead singer of an all-girl rock band with the power of a mega computer called "Synergy." It was pretty rad, and the songs were super catchy.

We love this cosplay, courtesy of LulySalle, a Brazilian lady who does a lot of sweet, feminine, really talented cosplay. In these photos, Luly takes on Jem, our favorite truly, truly, truly outrageous cartoon character with bright pink hair and a punky edge. She also teams up with a couple of her friends, who are dressed as members of The Misfits, a rival band of greedy girls who are more concerned with fame than with spreading joy.

Check out some pics of Luly and her friends below, or head over to LulySalle's DeviantArt page for more.

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