Ariel from Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' is one of the most-beloved Disney princesses of all time. She had an air about her that was spunky, confident and adventurous, which helped ring in the Disney renaissance era.

The red-headed Ariel is just one of King Triton's many daughters, but is easily the most independent of the bunch. She's somewhat of a hoarder and is fascinated by the human world. Her stash of human goods is quite extensive and she could probably make a killing by pawning it all off, but she's content to wonder about our world.

Here is Nikita Cosplay as Ariel's human form, which she attained after trading her voice to Ursula, the sea witch, in exchange for legs. What makes this cosplay so cool is that it was shot in Corsica and the setting really helps augment the 'Little Mermaid' feel of the shoot. Couple that with Nikita's pretty dress, wig and bow, and you've got a fairy tale come to life.

See more of Nikita's magical cosplay work on her deviantART, and see if you can't spot some more Disney characters in her portfolio!

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