Some of our favorite cosplays lately feature popular characters put in everyday situations, which is why we're digging this awesome gender-bending Loki -- with a special guest appearance from Black Widow!

FahrSindram is a German cosplayer who does some pretty clever work. You'd hardly believe that she's a lady when you see her crazy awesome take on 'Thor's' Loki, and you'll do a double-take when you see her very convincing friend cosplaying alongside her as Black Widow. These two are quite the charming pair.

In her photo set from DeviantArt, FahrSindram takes Loki on a series of everyday adventures -- playing the guitar as a "rock god," eating ice cream, palling around with Black Widow (who eventually turns on her, of course), and trying out some shawarma to see what all that fuss was about in 'The Avengers.' As it turns out, Loki doesn't like shawarma very much.

There were so many great photos to choose from, and it made picking out our favorites really tough. FahrSindram's got the look nailed like few Loki cosplayers we've seen, but her photographs are also beautifully taken and composed. Color us impressed.

Check out some pics of FahrSindram as Loki below, or head over to her DeviantArt page for more.

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