Yeah, we know they said the fifth element in 'The Fifth Element' was love, but obviously they were wrong. The missing ingredient to life is Ruby Rhod, as evidenced by this fabulous cosplay.

We see a ton of Leeloo cosplay around the internet, and that's an easy one to pull off. All you need is orange hair and strips of white cloth, and maybe a little dirt, and boom -- you're Leeloo.

But Ruby Rhod is a much more difficult costume to put together. You can't just slather on leopard print and expect it to work out. You need a real flamboyant attitude to sell it, which is why we think Larry Smith's Ruby Rhod cosplay is the best.

Chris Tucker's Ruby Rhod sports many eccentric looks throughout 'The Fifth Element,' but none more memorable than his exaggerated, high-collared leopard print ensemble with matching gloves and cane, and that ridiculous sculpted blonde afro quasi-beehive thing. Smith also includes accessories like a heart-shaped necklace, earrings and red-jeweled bracelet... but you guys, look at his face! He totally nails the facial expressions! And he looks like he's having the best time ever, which is what we like to see when we check out cosplayers.

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