Cosplay of the Day: Two-Face Is Double Trouble

DC/Jordan Mansfield, Getty Images

Of all the Batman villains to cosplay, Two-Face is one of our favorites because he seems to bring out the most creativity in fans, like this gent straight outta London.

Where to begin with Two-Face... He's one of Batman's most important villains, for sure. Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne were BFFs, but then Harvey had a little -- okay, a big -- accident, and it warped his morality and made him into a cynical man. It also left him permanently disfigured on one side of his body, inspiring him to use a coin flip to determine his choices and earning him the name "Two-Face."

Shawn Levy is a cosplayer from London who took on the task of transforming himself into this awesome Batman villain. Instead of going the cartoon or movie route, Shawn went for something more traditional, and gives us a Two-Face straight from the pages of the comic books. Using basic colors like red, black and white, Shawn created a simple suit and kept it classy in the clothing department, opting to let the makeup and styling speak for itself. There's something to be said for restraint in the cosplay world -- don't get us wrong, we love stuff that's big and bold, but we can also appreciate the dedication to keeping things classic here.

Check out a few pics of Shawn below, or head over to his Facebook page for more of his adventures.

Jordan Mansfield, Getty Images
Jordan Mansfield, Getty Images
Jordan Mansfield, Getty Images

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