Cosplay of the Day: Wonder Woman Is a Warrior


This is one way to make Wonder Woman much cooler: turn her into a certified warrior badass, like this cosplayer.

You might have seen Meagan Marie on our Cosplay of the Day feature before with her beautiful Poison Ivy cosplay, and today we're featuring her again for this intense Wonder Woman cosplay.

Wonder Woman is a character that people often overlook for not being as awesome as, say, Batman. She carries a magic lasso known as the "lasso of truth" that she uses to get info out of suspects and enemies, and she flies around in an invisible plane, and that's kind of corny, right? But Meagan Marie has made Wonder Woman into a really cool, edgy heroine with her warrior-style take on the character, complete with battle wounds to make her a little rough around the edges. This is a superheroine that's not afraid to get dirty, and while she still honors the classic character by including a golden lasso on her hip, this Wonder Woman gets a sword and a shield! She could totally fit right in with Thor and Captain America now.

Check out some pics of Meagan Marie as Warrior Wonder Woman below, or head over to her Flickr page for more.

Meagan Marie, Flickr
Meagan Marie, Flickr
Meagan Marie, Flickr

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