Cosplay of the Week: This 'Arrow' is a Bullseye


Seemingly overnight, Green Arrow has gone from being one of DC Comics' B-listers to the biggest superhero on television thanks to The CW's 'Arrow.' As with all things geeky, newfound popularity always means a surge in cosplay. However, this take on television's favorite costumed vigilante isn't just shockingly well done, it comes from a cosplayer who has a history with this character from before he was a big deal.

The hooded man with the bow isn't Oliver Queen, but rather the cosplayer known as Wickley. At a glance, you could easily mistake this outfit for the real deal -- with the proper lighting, he could easily stand in for 'Arrow' star Stephen Amell on set. Although some purists may scoff at the character's modern redesign, there is no denying Wickley's attention to detail in this costume, which was initially created for and shown off at Atlanta's DragonCon this year.

The coolest thing about this particular bit of cosplay is that this isn't Wickley's first time cosplaying as Green Arrow. If you peruse over to his Deviant Art page, you will see that he has another costume: that of Green Arrow as seen on 'Smallville.' It's a far more traditional and comic-friendly look that means he's ready for all occasions. If you need a modern or traditional Oliver Queen, you now know who to call upon!

You can check out additional photos of Wickley in costume at his profile page.

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