This is an idea so nutty that we're not even sure it's possible: what if the upcoming 'Evil Dead' remake is actually a sequel to the original film and is heading toward a crossover with the "old" films for 'Evil Dead 7,' which will see Bruce Campbell's Ash, fresh out of the recently announced 'Army of Darkness 2,' teaming up with the new characters? If you're not a horror fan, that surely reads like gibberish. If you are a horror fan, your brain may have just exploded.

You can blame this rumor on the director of the 'Evil Dead' remake, Fede Alvarez, who unleashed this news himself at the WonderCon panel for his upcoming film. In addition to confirming that his remake is actually a secret sequel to the franchise created by director Sam Raimi three decades ago, Alvarez confirmed that he's already thinking about an 'Evil Dead 2' and an 'Evil Dead 3,' all of which will lead toward a crossover with the "old" 'Evil Dead' universe. Of course, it was recently announced that original series star Bruce Campbell was hard at work with producer Rob Tapert on 'Army of Darkness 2' (which will technically be the fourth film in the original 'Evil Dead' series), so that film will help bridge the gap as well, bringing the chainsaw wielding Ash together with whoever survives the remake/sequel series for a big climatic end to both series.


It's a completely bonkers plan and one that sounds like a tough sell to audiences who probably couldn't care less about the continuity of this increasingly wacky franchise. Still, if they pull it off, it'll top blockbuster productions like 'The Avengers' in terms of sheer audaciousness. After all, this kind of thinking wasn't even a possibility a decade ago.