Ever wonder who paints the massive mural advertisements for your favorite movies which adorn the sides of skyscrapers in our major cities? Well, you'll want to check out these collected photos of a team painting a 150-foot ‘Dark Knight Rises’ banner to give us an idea how complicated the process can be … and how cool the image looks when the artists are done.

This 150-foot ‘Dark Knight’ poster can be seen at 315 Park Avenue South in New York City. According to Geekologie, it took four guys approximately five days to complete the image. The sketch a life-sized “cartoon” graphic as a model, then fill in the blanks using oil-based paints. So it’s kind of like paint-by-numbers, only writ large.

Here are photos from the process:

And here’s the finished work. Impressive, no? So don’t ruin it with graffiti, you hooligans.

Photos courtesy of Geekologie.com