What fan hasn't wished that they had their own real lightsaber, Millennium Falcon or even something as weird as an Ewok. Now there's a possibility to make your own Death Star, but the only problem with that is how much it costs to do so.

Students at the Lehigh University decided to do some research to see exactly how much money a person would have to dish out of their own pockets in order to get an actual Death Star going. The total? A whopping $825 quadrillion dollars. That's $852,000,000,000,000,000.

No, that's not an exaggeration.

Now the cost for that may sound great, but the quadrillions of dollars is only for the actual structure. Masslive reports that if you were to put in the additional cost of building in the technology into the monstrous ship, including the capabilities of blowing up an entire planet, the numbers are even more astronomical than what these students first gave us.

Do you still want to build a Death Star? Probably one of the Lego persuasion, but nothing like this. Even if somebody did have the money to pull this off, which is impossible, they would never live to see the project completed. It would take an estimated 833,315 years for the Death Star to be finished. So yes, the only kind of Death Star you'll see in your lifetime is probably going to be the one in the original three 'Star Wars' movies or in a fairly smaller, Lego form.