'Star Wars: Episode 7' is coming: we all know that. But did you know that Disney has even bigger plans for the 'Star Wars' franchise? And by bigger we mean upwards of 2-3 'Star Wars' movies A YEAR. Yup.

Entertainment Weekly devoted their latest issue to the Disney/'Star Wars' deal and spoke to Kathleen Kennedy, former Steven Spielberg producer and current head of Lucasfilm. This is what they have to say about the future of the franchise:

Lucasfilm’s co-chairman and soon-to-be president, Kathleen Kennedy, has told employees she wants the company to produce two or three films a year (it’s averaged fewer than four per decade), and first up is Star Wars: Episode VII for 2015.

So despite reports to the contrary on the internet (the actual article isn't online yet), Kennedy herself wasn't quoted as saying she wants two-to-three 'Star Wars' films a year but that Disney employees are quoting her as saying she wants two-to-three Lucasfilm films a year. Still...

While it may seem shocking to think of, not all will take place within the new trilogy laid out in Episodes 7-9. Think more like what Disney and Marvel are doing with their films. Not all 'Iron Man' films come out in one year but multiple Marvel films come out in one year. So you might have 'Star Wars: Episode 7' coming out in 2015 as well as a spinoff Boba Fett movie. Or a live-action 'Clone Wars' movie. Or something else entirely. Disney wouldn't spend over $4 billion on Lucasfilm for just three movies.

Of course this begs the question, why would Lucasfilm, under Disney, release a movie that wasn't 'Star Wars' related? Why wouldn't Disney just release that film directly? Lucasfilm also owns the 'Indiana Jones' movies but those weren't included in the Disney deal (Paramount would still have the rights to distribute any future Indiana Jones theatrical release).

The deal could theoretically involve some of the LucasArts video games but the vast majority of the games published in the past 10 years have all been 'Star Wars' (or Indiana Jones) licensed games. (Though if you want to go back to the 90s, 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' could make a half-decent movie.)

What do you think? If Disney is really planning a 'Star Wars' renaissance, what other characters or eras are ripe for the cinematic plucking? Is it too early to start speculating about a Pixar 'Star Wars' movie?