If you're itching for some new work from Edgar Wright, here's a little treat to tide you over: a charming and cool music video the director made with Pharrell and Daft Punk for the song "Gust of Wind," featuring some beautiful ladies, lovely fall foliage, and a couple of giant stone Daft Punk helmets ... because this is Edgar Wright, so things do tend to have a geeky element, of course.

What you might not know about the director is that, way back before he made his television show 'Spaced' in 1999, he directed some music videos. This is the first one he's made in nine years, but he's been kind of busy, you know? It might not be entirely what you've come to expect from Wright, but that's kind of what makes him so wonderful as a director: he's always full of surprises.

The video for "Gust of Wind" features beautiful women dancing in Japanese-inspired wardrobe in the middle of the woods in the fall, while nearby, giant stone Daft Punk helmets levitate during their verses and we get those Wright-style lens flares illuminating the screen. It's an interesting mixture of styles and visuals that we wouldn't normally see put together, but Wright has a good eye for these things. The end result is charming, and the song just makes you want to clap along.