The 'Step Up' franchise is absolutely ludicrous, and that's what's so great about it. It's just an excuse to set up dazzling and nonsensical displays of groups dancing together, with some of the best street dancers of the era. 'Step Up Revolution' (a Dance Dance Revolution?) is the fourth film in series, and its full trailer is here.

These films would normally be typed "teen movies" and "guilty pleasures," but for us cineastes who love musicals, they transcend guilt. There's no shame admitting you enjoy these movies, though often the plots get in the way of the dancing. And that looks to be case here; there's just way too much about the poor dancers versus the big city businessman (played by Peter Gallagher, which is exciting). The way these films go, it's likely either his son or daughter is one of the dancers fighting against him.

And it does look like there's some continuity with the series as Adam G. Sevani - aka Moose from the last two films - makes an appearance. We'll take all mockery for liking these films, but when the dancer does two full body flips in a row at the 2:08 mark, you can't help but be impressed. The film opens July 27.

And here's the poster: