Step Up Revolution

Weekend Box Office Report: Playing Catch-Up With 'The Dark Knight Rises'

by Jacob Hall July 29, 2012 @ 2:57 PM
Warner Bros.
Since the box office numbers from last week were not formally released until after the weekend passed, we need to play a quick game of catch-up with 'The Dark Knight Rises.' The third and final of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies opened to $160 million, a number that is staggering, but not record breaking. Did it even stand a chance of breaking the $200 million mark and challenging 'The Avengers' for highest opening weekend of all time? Did the tragic events in Aurora, Colorado have an adverse effect on the opening gross? To that second question: yes. To that first question: no.

'Step Up 4: Revolution' Review

by Shulamit Aberbach July 27, 2012 @ 7:55 AM
Summit Entertainment
There’s an essential piece of guidance to bear in mind if you’re choosing whether or not to watch 'Step Up: Revolution,' the newest instalment in the ‘Step Up’ franchise. If you’re capable of taking it at face value as a dance film, you will enjoy it; if you are expecting stunning drama and Oscar worthy performances you will inevitably be left disappointed.

New Movie Releases - July 2012

by Britt Hayes June 12, 2012 @ 3:30 PM
Sony Pictures/Universal Pictures/Warner Bros.
Happy 'Dark Knight Rises' and 'Amazing Spider-Man' month, everyone! You could tell us that you're not into either of these comic book heroes and we wouldn't believe you, but we'll still give you plenty of other new movie releases to choose from for July 2012. That is, if you insist on lying about how much you despise Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker.

"Enough With Performance Art, It's Time for Protest Art!" 'Step Up 4' Trailer

by Damon Houx March 29, 2012 @ 9:25 PM
Summit Entertainment
The 'Step Up' franchise is absolutely ludicrous, and that's what's so great about it. It's just an excuse to set up dazzling and nonsensical displays of groups dancing together, with some of the best street dancers of the era. 'Step Up Revolution' (a Dance Dance Revolution?) is the fourth film in series, and its full trailer is here.