By far, the most divisive element of the first ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer was the debut of the new cruciform lightsaber. Some folks thought it looked totally cool, and others felt that it was an implausible and unrealistic weapon (as opposed to the regular lightsaber, which is totes plausible and realistic).

Also not a fan of the new lightsaber? Former Jedi Ewan McGregor, who starred in the three ‘Star Wars’ prequels as Obi-Wan Kenobi, and therefore knows a thing or two about wielding a bladed laser weapon. McGregor is currently out in Park City at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival promoting his new Biblical film ‘Last Days in the Desert’ (where he plays another supernaturally gifted leader of men named Jesus). While working the interview circuit for his latest project, he weighed in on the ‘Star Wars’ trailer and particularly that damn new lightsaber. Take a look:

His quote:

I was a bit dubious about the hilt on the lightsaber. Did you see that? It’s got a hilt now. You don’t need a hilt! If you know how to handle a lightsaberlike we did—you don’t need a hilt. That’s just one thing I think he might have got wrong.


On the one hand, McGregor’s clearly having some fun with his fellow ‘Star Wars’ compatriots. But it also seems like behind the good-natured ribbing there’s just the tiniest bit of genuine disappointment with this new lightsaber. Which is fantastic. McGregor actually did do a great job with the lightsaber duels in the prequels, regardless of whatever else was wrong with them (i.e. basically everything that wasn’t a lightsaber duel). If anyone’s earned the right to criticize, it’s him (although it’s not very Jesus-y).