Any good TV fan either loves or hates a good spoiler now and again, so the good people at the FOX network have decided to eliminate the guess work for us, at least as far as Twitter's concerned!  Social media continues to provide an expansive outlet for promotion, but does this latest effort go too far?

In a report from TV Line, the FOX network has begun a new strategy of making public a number of pre-set trending topics, with the goal of audience members utilizing the hashtags during the show's airing.  At some point, FOX learned that a specific trending topic was more likely to catch on than the name of the series itself, and thus the network has begun the experiment this week with its programming, namely 'Bones,' 'New Girl,' 'Glee,' and everyone's favorite 'Fringe!'

Of course the trouble with this approach might be that the individual hashtags contain light to moderate spoilers, depending on one's familiarity with the content of an individual episodes.  'Bones' was the first to receive the treatment last night, under the hashtags #rainingbirds, #blueman and #DrGomez.  Similarly, tonight's 'Glee' will operate under the hashtags #saturdaynightGLEEver, #DiscoInferno and #boogieshoes.

That's all very well and good, and certainly shows like 'Fringe' could use the extra promotion, but what of those who like to avoid all potential spoilers?  Might FOX's new promotion reach a point of accidentally spoiling major developments, similar to the way AMC accidentally revealed that key death toward the end of 'The Walking Dead' season 2?  Time will tell!

Will you hop on Twitter to tweet out the early hashtags in promotion of your favorite show, or is this new approach more trouble than its worth?  Tweet out your thoughts in the comments below!

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