It's crazy to think that even a scant month ago, we were worried that 'Fringe' wouldn't return for a fifth season.  Now, with a final 13 episodes assured, free of any of that shifting show runner drama that certain other cult hits have faced, there's even more good news on the 'Fringe' front.  FOX will no longer be the series' only home.

According to Deadline, Fox has sold syndication rights to its under-performing sci-fi cult hit 'Fringe,' to be aired on Discovery Communications' Science Channel.  Much of the initial hope for 'Fringe' to be renewed for a fifth season stemmed from additional episodes bringing the sum total to 100, thereby making the show ripe for syndication sale.

The agreement between 'Fringe' producer/distributor Warner Bros. and the Science Channel includes a streaming video on demand carve-out, allowing Warner Bros. to sell the series to a streaming service where serialized dramas do far better than in traditional off-network syndication.

Though the sale of 'Fringe' in no way would improve chances of an additional episode order beyond the final 13-episode season , a little brand awareness never hurt anybody.  So let's just hope no nubile young minds watching the Science Channel start getting any ideas about collapsing universes.

What say you?  Do you think Science's syndication pickup bodes well for the future of 'Fringe,' or are you just happy to have an additional thirteen episodes period?  Tell us your hopes for the final season in the comments below!