Granted, 'Fringe' season 4 didn't leave us on that tantalizing a cliffhanger before heading into Comic-Con 2012.  A scant year ago we were left to wonder what might become of Peter Bishop after being erased from time and space itself, but 2012 and 'Fringe' season 5 only left us with one ominous warning: they are coming.  So what's our first official look at this fall's premiere?

Following up on the post-apocalyptic Observer-dominated future 'Fringe' first glimpsed in season 4 episode "Letters of Transit," Entertainment Weekly now has our first official look into the Observer centric 'Fringe' Season 5.  Through a simple one-sheet poster, we've learned the inevitable truth: they are coming.

When last we left 'Fringe,' all seemed right with the world as the Fringe team managed to thwart a revitalized William Bell's attempt to destroy the universe, Olivia Dunham learned of her pregnancy with Peter Bishop.  Just then, our favorite Observer arrived to warn Walter Bishop of the simple truth that his people would soon be coming to our time in order to exert their authority!

We already learned that 'Fringe' season 4 wouldn't wast much time in its 13 episodes by taking us directly into the year 2036, occasionally drifting back into the past to show how the group arrived at that time.  Not only that, but the season is likely to take a hefty toll on the team as they work with future agent Henrietta Bishop against the Observers.

Take a look at the bad-ass new poster for 'Fringe' season 5, stay tuned to learn what we find out at Comic-Con 2012, and tell us what you think in the comments below!