Earlier today we caught the latest look at Game of Thrones Season 5 via two brief clips from the April 12 premiere, but the latest preview of HBO’s fantasy drama teases a much more fiery reveal. It looks like Tyrion will come face to face with Dany’s dragons, going by the first full poster for Game of Thrones Season 5!

Although the poster curiously re-purposes an older Game of Thrones season 4 photo of Drogon (see here), our latest look at Game of Thrones Season 5 seems to confirm what the initial trailer suggested (and many already knew), that Tyrion will cross paths with Daenerys Targaryen during his exile from Kings’ Landing. Granted, dragons and a misty poster can hardly be considered indicative of the actual plot (remember that Drogon remained free as of the finale), but the poster certainly sends a fiery message.

Elsewhere of Game of Thrones Season 5 (already renewed for 6, with the cast signed through 7), we know of multiple returning, confirmed absent, and new characters cast, including those that confirm we’ll be visiting the oft-mentioned kingdom of Dorne, for which Spain doubles. The story will draw heavily from George R.R. Martin’s fourth and fifth novels, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, while HBO has also provided a list of directors, as well as insight into which literary stories may not make the transition to film.

Check out the full poster below, pore over the Game of Thrones Season 5 photos and full trailer (with our beat-by-beat breakdown), and keep counting down to the April 12 premiere!