We’re pretty set with Ben Affleck as Batman for a while, though Warner Bros. currently has no plans for another solo film for the caped crusader for the time being. Eventually, we will get another solo Batman film, and WB will have to find another star to don the cowl in the pursuit of gritty justice. No worries, though—‘Game of Thrones’ star Kit Harington has volunteered for the job. You know nothing, Bruce Wayne.

In a recent interview with MTV UK, Harington said, “I’d love to play a superhero. I’d love to play Batman.” Obviously, this doesn’t mean much of anything aside from Harington’s own interest, and with WB’s superhero slate set for the next several years, it could be a very long time before they’re looking to cast the next Dark Knight.

Harington added that he feels as though the Batman movies have gotten a bit too gritty (diss, Christopher Nolan), and he’d like to make Batman more fun again:

I’d camp him up again. He’s gone way too dark and serious. I’d like proper spandex.

He went on to say that superhero movies in general have become way too serious, adding that he thinks they should get “silly” again. Is Jon Snow a fan of the Joel Schumacher Batman films? Is that what’s happening here? Maybe someday we’ll see Kit Harington throw on the cowl and some bat-nipples.

While we may not see Harington as Batman anytime soon (or ever), you can enjoy seeing him on the small screen again soon, when ‘Game of Thrones’ returns for season 5 on April 12.