How do you compete with the news of Beyoncé dropping a surprise album on the world on Friday the 13th? You don't. But that didn't stop EA from releasing a few new images from EA Sports UFC anyway.

The first new images of EA Sports UFC we've seen in a while feature current light-heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones. While the stills don't rely on action to tell a story, the images do a nice job showing just what Jones will look like thanks to the Ignite Engine. The close-up of his head is eerily life-life, right down to the thousand-yard stare Jones often wears before entering the octagon.

Let's be real here though, pictures of a virtual Jon Jones just can't compete when on the same day Queen Bey used a close-up of her butt as album art. Still, EA Sports UFC is looking rather good. We want to see more of it in motion before we start getting too excited though. As good as THQ's UFC Undisputed entries were, we're still waiting for a developer to really nail mixed martial arts action. Maybe EA will be able to do it with this game. We'll have to wait until the spring of 2014 to find out.