The newest trailers for Grand Theft Auto 5 have been posted. While they don't showcase the game's nutty trio, amazing features or expansive environments, they do introduce us to two gubernatorial candidates who want your vote to run San Andreas.

First up we have former actor and Vinewood stuntman Jock Cranley, a conservative who hates immigrants, cops, unions and old ladies. He admits to being a "dick" and claims to be an expert on city planning because he's based jumped off skyscrapers.

Next is Sue Murry, the democratic candidate who is a successfully-divorced schoolteacher. Her most winning feature? She knows how to talk down to us like a "real liberal." Her plans include an increase in government spending and investments in public radio.

Watch the campaign videos above and below and let us know which candidate seems more winsome to you. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released on Sept. 17 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.