Why so glum, ladies?  Let it never  be said that HBO is entirely a boys' club, what with its current zeitgeist of 1920's gangsters, sword-swinging warriors; as today the ladies have their day.  After airing only two and three episodes respectviely, HBO has graciously renewed both Julia Louis-Dreyfus 'Veep' and Lena Dunham's buzz-worthy 'Girls' for sophomore seasons.  But for how many episodes?

The various levels of praise and backlash for 'Girls' have driven quite a bit of attention to the Brooklyn girl-centric series, while by contrast 'Veep' has flown in somewhat under the radar, benefited by having 'Game of Thrones' as a lead-in).  'Veep' garned approximately 1.4 million viewers in its April 22 premiere, while by contrast the 'Girls' premiere one week prior netted only 872,000.

By contrast, however, currently 'Girls' maintains the higher viewership average, holding steady at about 3.8 million viewers per week, with 'Veep' in a close second at 3.7 million.  Both series have been renewed for ten episode second seasons.

And for those who've been living in caves on Mars with fingers in their ears, Lena Dunham's (and Judd Apatow-produced) 'Girls' humorously chronicles the trials and tribulations of a group of Brooklyn girls in their early 20s, 'Veep' follows former 'Seinfeld' star Louis-Dreyfus as the newly minted Vice President Selina Meyer.

What say you?  Have you seen enough from 'Girls' and "Veep' in their first episodes that they deserve sophomore season pick-ups?  When, oh when, will we hear news of 'Life's Too Short,'  Or a memoriam for 'Luck?'  Give us your thoughts on the shows in the comments!