'How I Met Your Mother' recently made a bold claim through this week's "Bad Crazy," declaring Ted's new girlfriend Jeanette ('SNL's' Abby Elliot) to be the character's last major romantic mistake before settling down and ultimately meeting the titular mother, but that doesn't mean the ghosts of Ted's romantic past won't come back to haunt him. This Monday's "The Ashtray" will see Stella's ex-husband “The Captain” ('Twin Peaks'' Kyle MacLachlan) seeking out Ted for unknown reasons, but what could he possibly be after? Check out the latest photos from The Captain's return in 'How I Met Your Mother's' "The Ashtray" inside!

Despite the fact that 'How I Met Your Mother's' current season will no longer be the last, Monday's all-new episode "The Ashtray will continue the long-running CBS' comedy's victory lap of bringing back bast guest stars for one last hurrah. Monday's "The Ashtray" will see Stella's ex George "The Captain" Van Smoot reaching out to Ted, which causes the gang to remember the last time they encountered the murder-eyed sailor.

CBS has released a new batch of photos from the episode highlighting Kyle MacLachlan's return, as creepy as ever, but it's Barney's outrageous get-ups and accompaniment that truly make "The Ashtray" seem like a half-hour to remember. So what could The Captain possibly want, with Stella out of the picture?

Check out the latest photos from How I Met Your Mother's' "The Ashtray" below, and give us your predictions on the eighth season in the comments!