During the production of 'The Wolverine,' star Hugh Jackman constantly hinted that his time with the indestructible mutant superhero was coming to an end once he wraps the upcoming 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' Of course, Fox wasn't going to let one of their most valuable commodities go without a fight, so the big question was how big of a check they were going to cut to try and keep Jackman.

Now, we have an idea and it's the kind of deal that will make your modest bank account roll over and weep.

According to the National Enquirer, (via Comic Book Movie), Jackman has been offered a $100 million contract to return as Wolverine in four more X-Men movies. As your basic math skills will tell you, that's $25 million per film. As your common sense will tell you, that's "eff you" money.

Although the exact details of this detail deserve a grain of salt and some scrutiny (this is Comic Book Movie quoting the National Enquirer, after all), we have no doubt in our minds that some kind of negotiations are happening at this very moment. We also have no doubt in our mind that they involve some studio executives groveling at Jackman's feet and telling him about all of the money they're planning to dump at his feet. Are they actually offering $100 million for four films? We don't know - this could just be a clever negotiating tactic by Jackman's team. But, they are sure as heck offering something absurd.

As the most recognizable face of the X-Men franchise, it makes sense that they'll fight tooth and nail to get him back. None of the other franchise stars have the same box office appeal and clout as Jackman, so they'll need him around for the next few movies while they figure out what they want to do. Thankfully, the seemingly ageless Jackman remains more than capable of playing the ageless Wolverine. We expect that, with $100 million on the table, he'll be playing this character for a long, long time.