Enough movies are opening in IMAX these days that exclusive posters have become the norm. However, few have been as truly cool as this new one-sheet for 'Iron Man 3,' which will be given out to the lucky folks who attend IMAX midnight screenings of the highly anticipated new film.

It's pretty simple, really: you show up at your local IMAX theater very late on May 2, receive the nifty poster (which you can see in full below) and then, once the clock ticks past midnight and May 3 arrives, you can be among the first audiences to watch Tony Stark's latest adventure. However, not every screening will offer the poster, so click on over to the IMAX website to see which theaters are participating.

And now for the poster itself! This is artwork is a collaboration between Marvel, IMAX and Mondo, featuring original work from the artist Jock. It's a far cry from the ugly and often poorly Photoshopped posters that Marvel Studios tends to create for its (frequently quite good to great) movies, depicting a stylized Iron Man armor (and some back-up) soaring against a black background. The minimalism is a great touch in a world where most posters tend to fill any and all empty space with debris and sparks.

'Iron Man 3' opens on May 3. Let us know in the comments below if you plan to snag one of these posters!