'Iron Man 3' will take a leap forward when it comes to the Iron Man armor. We already know that Tony Stark will skip ahead from Mark VIII all the way to Mark XLVII. But is there another, top secret armor in 'Iron Man 3' that will help launch Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

One of the issues with what Marvel is doing with their upcoming movies is that much of it takes place in outer space. After all, they are called 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' As we've heard, 'Guardians' will lead directly into 'The Avengers 2' which will have a very cosmic bent to it if Thanos is to be the main villain and the Infinity Gauntlet is the alleged storyline. The question is, how do you get some of your human superheroes into space?

It looks as if Marvel might be doing the smart thing and answering that question in 'Iron Man 3.'

At the London Toy Fair, a new Marvel toy for 'Iron Man 3' included one curious inclusion: Iron Man's "Deep Space Suit"

In 'The Avengers' we saw Iron Man briefly travel into another dimension but he barely made it back alive. It could be that trip that inspires Stark to create the "Deep Space Suit," something that could come in handy when another intergalactic threat hits in 'The Avengers 2.'

In the comics, Stark created his first Space Suit in the 1980s and included booster jets, a compression gel to protect against G-force and an expanding solar sail to assist with re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. (And for the curious, it can also recycle human waste so Iron Man can pee among the stars.)

Take a look at the toy version of the "Deep Space Suit" below and wonder if this is the first step toward seeing a new era of Marvel films.