It’s still not 100% confirmed that we’ll finally see Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Justice League Dark’ on the big screen—recently, the filmmaker confirmed that the script has been delivered to Warner Bros. and they’re just waiting on an official green light. But for those anxious to know which of the dark superheroes we might see in the film, the lineup has apparently been revealed.

Latino-Review’s El Mayimbe posted the scoop on the ‘Justice League Dark’ lineup, which features a couple of characters you probably expected, and at least one that may surprise you: John Constantine, Zatanna, Brand/Deadman, and Jason Blood, aka Etrigan the Demon.

Zatanna definitely seemed like a given, and while it’s a bit curious that neither Spectre nor Swamp Thing are listed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see either or both of them in the film—should it ever make it beyond the script stage. As last reported, del Toro’s script went out for weekend reads at WB, so whether or not the film heads into production sooner or later (or at all) is dependent upon how the studio responds to the script.

Also of note is the inclusion of John Constantine in the lineup, but fans of NBC’s series should be made aware that the big screen version of Constantine will not be the same as the one on TV. A few months back, chief creative officer Geoff Johns commented on the “multiverse” approach to the DC universe, noting that the TV and film divisions are operating independently of one another, hence why TV’s The Flash won’t be playing The Flash in ‘Justice League.’ It’s definitely a different approach from the one fans are used to with the Marvel universe, which has allowed for crossover between film and television shows, which encourages greater consistency and really shows how much thought is going into their world.

El Mayimbe cautions that this lineup is a rumor until it’s been made official, which could still be a while depending on those script reads at WB. As for del Toro, his new film, ‘Crimson Peak,’ hits theaters on October 16, and he’s currently hard at work on ‘Pacific Rim 2’ (and possibly a third film, if all goes well).