Ken Levine Still Pursuing BioShock on Vita

Irrational Games

We haven't heard a peep about BioShock on the PS Vita since Ken Levine appeared at Sony's presser during E3 2011 to hype the potential development of such a game. Though you might think Irrational and 2K are ready to move on, Levine insists he's still hoping to make a portable BioShock.

Curious fans eager for more BioShock goodness after this year's BioShock Infinite took to Twitter to ask Levine about the status of the Vita version. The good news is it's still possible. The bad news is there isn't much else to report.

It would appear Levine is still trying to convince Sony and 2K Games that a BioShock game on-the-go is a good idea. Sony's Vita could certainly use a AAA title like BioShock to entice more sales, and considering how successful the franchise has been to this point, it's hard to imagine 2K balking at the idea of another entry.

Though we still don't have any concrete info about when to expect BioShock Vita, or in which world the game will take place, at least the project isn't dead. And hey, we've still got some BioShock Infinite DLC to get psyched for, so there's that.

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