We know Simon Pegg best for his more comedic roles, but he’s occasionally shown us a bit of his darker side, most recently with his particularly cynical role in Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. But his new film, Kill Me Three Times, takes Pegg full throttle to the dark side as a hitman rocking a pretty sweet mustache and toting a huge gun. The new red band trailer spares no bloody expense in illustrating this darkly comedic tale of violence and plots gone awry.

Kill Me Three Times features Pegg as a hitman named Charlie Wolfe, who’s hired to head to a small, peaceful town in Australia to kill a man’s wife. There’s just one problem: he’s not the only one who’s been contracted for the job. When Charlie enters the town, he encounters an elaborate, interconnected series of plots involving murder and blackmail.

The red band trailer above comes with the expected bits of profanity and plenty of bloodshed, and if this film wasn’t on your radar before, it definitely should be now. Kill Me Three Times also stars Teresa Palmer, Sullivan Stapleton, Alice Braga and Luke Hemsworth (the other, other Hemsworth brother), and arrives on VOD on March 26 ahead of its April 10 theatrical release.