Sony and Guerrilla Games announced the Vita first-person shooter Killzone: Mercenary will now be available one week early. The U.S. release date for the anticipated shooter is now September 10th.

In addition to breaking the good news, the PlayStation Blog also detailed some special pre-order incentives for those of you looking forward to busting Helghan heads on your Vita. Everyone who orders the game early will gain access to the exclusive Blackjack's Briefcase.

The add-on will include 48-hours of double experience for all completed contracts, bonuses, and payoffs. There will also be an in-game Vektan Cash bonus, which will give you enough money to pick up one new weapon right out of the gate. People who reserve Killzone: Mercenary at GameStop will also be able to get the M224-A1 Light Machine Gun before anyone else for use in the campaign and multiplayer modes.

Now that you know what you'll be getting by ordering early, will any of you be taking advantage of these offers?