'Man of Steel' Featurette: Reinventing Superman


With less than a month remaining until its big release, we're seeing more and more from 'Man of Steel' and it keeps on looking better and better. A new featurette on the new Superman film has arrived and in addition to the talking heads, it shows off some brand new footage!

The video goes into a little more detail than you'd expect from a promo for a studio tentpole. In between flashes of action-packed footage, director Zack Snyder, star Henry Cavill and other members of the cast and crew discuss the character of Superman and how each and every one of us can still relate to the most powerful character in all of popular culture. Although the phrase "reinventing Superman" is thrown around, what everyone is describing sounds about as old fashioned (in a good way) as the character gets.

In addition to the featurette, two new banners have been unveiled. One focuses on Superman and the other on Zod (Michael Shannon) and they'd probably look pretty darn cool when hung next to each other in a multiplex lobby.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

'Man of Steel' flies into theaters on June 14th.

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