Yesterday, it became clear that DC and Warner Bros. were intent on following the Marvel model for successfully building a superhero movie universe. So does that extend to ripping off Marvel's fondness for teasing their upcoming projects with a 'Man of Steel' post-credits scene at the conclusion of the film? The answer may surprise you.

It would not be shocking for DC to tease their future epics; after all, we all know - whether it's been confirmed officially or not - that one day we'll see Batman and Superman sharing the screen, just as it's inevitable that Supes will eventually square off against his ultimate arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. And in this day and age, post-credits scenes are all the rage. (Not only for superhero flicks; even the charming indie 'The Kings of Summer' included a fun sequence after the credits rolled.) So did Zack Snyder give the audience what they (presumably) wanted?

No. There is no 'Man of Steel' post-credits scene.

This mean hundreds upon thousands of moviegoers this weekend will be sitting there in the theater for at least five minutes as the credits scroll along, waiting with bated breath for nothing. You actually have to hand it to the filmmakers for eschewing the obvious. People might have gotten a kick out of something, anything, but then we can just imagine all of the complaints about DC shamelessly copying Marvel and so on.

Besides, if the filmmakers don't exactly know what's coming next for Superman, Lois and the rest of Metropolis, then they were right not to give in to the temptation. Marvel clearly had the plan for 'The Avengers' already in place when 'Iron Man' was being made, hence that most-famous of all post-credits sequences featuring Nick Fury; but, the future of 'Man of Steel' and the rest of DC characters is still uncertain.

All that is to say, if you're thinking about waiting through the entire credits for a special treat at the end of 'Man of Steel', you'll be sorely disappointed (despite listening to Hans ZImmer's score). So you can grab your jacket, throw out your trash and be on your way.