The 'Man of Steel' trailer is finally here and we really enjoyed it. Enjoyed it enough to go back and watch it again and again. And as we did, we noticed a few things that flashed by so quickly, you might miss it. So we took a whole bunch of HD screencaps of the best parts and got to figuring out what we could find out and what secrets might be hidden in the 'Man of Steel' trailer.

We slowed down the 'Man of Steel' trailer and captured the best screencaps we could, skipping anything you might have already seen in the original teaser. You can click on any of the images below to see them in HD.

Clark Kent is floating limp in the water with carnage floating around him...

Seemingly from the same sequence, Clark is sinking to the bottom, seemingly unconscious. But then his eyes bolt open. Consider the beard, we're gonna say it's a safe bet to assume this happens before he returns as Superman.

As a teen, Clark Kent saves a school bus from sinking into a lake (and interesting connection to the images above).

After the bus incident, Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) tells him he needs to protect his identity. Little Clark asks if he should've let them die. Pa answers, "Maybe..." Cold blooded Pa, cold blooded.

A now adult Clark Kent is poking around in what we'll assume is the spaceship his father sent him to Earth in. Clark has at least shaved his beard, so that's a good start towards Supermanning.

Clark holding the Superman key.

Clark walking away from the Fortress of Solitude.

More of Clark at the Fortress of Solitude. He looks bummed. Questioning his desire to be Superman perhaps?

At the Fortress of Solitude right before Superman flies back into action. Whatever he needs to get back for, he's getting back in a hurry.

Now this is a pretty cool shot. Flying back to Metropolis from the Fortress, Superman flies into space around Earth.

Here's where things start to get hairy. We see what looks like a powerful blue beam destroying a city (Metropolis). More on this below.

But first, our only shot of Russell Crowe as Jor-El as a baby Kal-El.

Is that the Human Torch? Nope, it's Clark Kent, who is fuh-laming.

Watched this a few times to try and figure out what was going on. It appears to be a shot of a spacecraft (we're guessing Zod's ship) using a blaster to destroy something, which can't be made out clearly.

Speaking of Zod's ship, here it is about to land in Smallvile as Ma Kent exists their home.

And there he is! Michael Shannon as Zod and just about the only real look you get at him in this trailer. I say "just about" for reasons you'll see later.

Uh-oh. Whatever happened to Superman, he's weakened and doubled-over on the floor, coughing up blood. Somebody has some Kryptonite.

Our first shot of Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. He and a female co-worker running from some destruction in Metropolis. Back to that blue ray (no, not a Blu-ray) from earlier?

It's our first look at Zod's supervillain companion Faora watching the destruction all around her. Is it possible that it's Faora, and not Zod, that is beating Superman to a bloody pulp?

Clark seems to be working as a fisherman as he gets older. More interesting is the "shooting star" in the background. We're gonna guess that's less a comet and more something alien crashing down to Earth. The introduction of Zod?

From the earlier scene where Clark is on fire, but it's unclear exactly what is going on here.

Our only other look at Zod as the supervillain and Superman go crashing into each other across the side of a skyscraper.

Zod's ship and some big explosions.

Stabler! That's Christopher Meloni starring as an Army General in the film and one of the people looking to shut down Superman. Beside him is Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton, a scientist specializing in Kryptonian biology. Is he using that knowledge for good or for evil?

A non-bearded Clark Kent saving a little girl from a tornado.

Superman looking back on his days as a science fair winner with his Dad.

Superman shares a loving embrace with Ma Kent. Trouble looks like it may be waiting for him off that porch.

Back to the blue beam. Superman flying directly into the source, looking to shut it down and save Metropolis.

Military forces mobilizing to confront Superman.

But not before he can share one last goodbye with Lois Lane. They hold hands.

Armed soldiers aiming their guns at Superman. This presumably takes place before Superman is handcuffed and taken into custody.