For a long time, Microsoft charged developers a fee to issue a title update for a given game on the Xbox 360. With the Xbox One just a few months away, it seems Microsoft is abandoning the pay-for-update practice on its soon-to-be-replaced console.

Multiple developers have confirmed to Eurogamer the policy change, which should go over quite nicely for recently launched titles, and those still in the pipeline. Previously, it cost upwards of $10,000 and beyond to get an update through Microsoft's certification, and then finally into the game itself.

Many developers had spoken out about the seemingly outrageous pricing for fixing a game, with Fez's Phil Fish among the most outspoken creators to fall prey to the practice. When Fish complained last year about having to pay an exorbitant fee, he apparently got into some trouble with Microsoft, as he was one of the first developers to trash the existing rule. Not that it matters for Fish, as Fez 2 won't be coming to any Xbox console in the future.