After weeks of defending the Xbox One's mandatory online check-ins and DRM policies, rumors are swirling Microsoft might just reverse course to gain back favor with the gaming public.

According to Giant Bomb, the announcement will be made today (Wednesday), and Microsoft will completely abandon the principles it spent so long explaining since the Xbox One's announcement.

What exactly does that mean? Well, for starters, no mandatory online check-ins every 24 hours. All downloaded games will function exactly the same online and offline, and there will no longer be restrictions on used games or when borrowing games. Region locking will supposedly be dropped as well, and discs will work on the Xbox One the same way they've worked for the past few generations.

Does this then mean Microsoft will adjust its other policies, like sharing your library with 10 friends absolutely free? Possibly. It could also turn out Microsoft will stick to its plan, and remain committed to the concepts already put in place. Until Microsoft actually makes a move, we're not fully convinced it's going to make such a drastic about face so quickly. However, the public has spoken, and Microsoft would do well to listen for once.