You know, we're almost sad we'll never get to see NBC and Bryan Fuller's 'Munsters' re-boot 'Mockingbird Lane' in its entirety, following the pilot episode that the network will re-purpose as a Halloween special on the 26th.  Sure, things might have looked kind of hokey, and another attempt to cash in on a previous franchise, but the concept had enough potential to possibly work under Fuller's unique direction.  So what from the first-look pictures has us convinced?

Now that NBC has officially decreed Bryan Fuller's 'Munsters' re-boot 'Mockingbird Lane' to be dead, airing the $10 million pilot episode as a Halloween special, the network has officially released the first promotional images from the effort.  And dare we say, they look...pretty good?  While Fuller's work is best seen in motion, it certainly seems from the pictures like the 'Pushing Daisies' creator might have struck a nice balance between horror and camp.

In the below photos, you'll see everyone from Eddie Izzard's vampire grandpa "D," to a clearer look at Jerry O'Connell's more "Frankenstein's monster" aspects as Herman Munster.  Portia De Rossi looks pretty good as Lily Munster as well, even if we prefer her in her 'Arrested Development' look.

Check out the photos below, and tell us if you'll tune in for the Halloween special airing of 'Mockingbird Lane' on the 28th!