Two New 'After Earth' Posters Show Off the Stars


When your big budget science fiction movie with a summer release date just so happens to feature a significant chunk of one of Hollywood's most powerful dynasties, you don't hide it. You put it front and center. Two new international posters for the upcoming 'After Earth' represent a marketing department that is well aware of this fact: both of them are only interested in doing on thing and that's letting you know that Will Smith and Jaden Smith are the stars.

Granted, there is a lot more that these posters could be selling. They could be selling the movie's dangerous science fiction setting. They could be selling the menagerie of alien creatures seen in the trailer. Heck, they could have goon the path of previous posters and sold the scope of the film over the stars.

But nah, just some big 'ol faces. Surrounded by some random, photoshop debris, of course!

'After Earth' opens on June 7th and it'll be interesting to see what interests the audience more: the stars or the sci-fi concept. Here are those posters:

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