In less than a week, the highly anticipated 'Man of Steel' will finally hit theaters and we'll all get a chance to see Henry Cavill's Superman in action. However, film fans have another reason to be excited for Zack Snyder's take on the world's most famous superhero -- the great character actor Michael Shannon is playing the role of General Zod! A new clip from the film gives us a glimpse of his performance, as well as a good look at Russell Crowe's Jor-El.

In the clip, a gathering of Kryptonian leaders (before the planet meets its end, of course) is interrupted by General Zod and his henchmen, who apparently aren't happy with how the planet is being run. The only one standing in the way of their coup is Jor-El, who has an intense conversation with the military leader. It's a scene that will undoubtedly play better when we know the context, but the important take-away is that both Shannon and Crowe seem to be bringing their A-game to the film. These could have been easy paycheck gigs for the both of them, so it's fun to see such great actors treat this material with gravitas.

'Man of Steel' hits theaters on June 14th.