What do 'Man of Steel' and 'Pacific Rim' have in common? Well, they're both two of the most anticipated films of the summer, they're both geek bait of the highest order, they're both directed by extremely talented directors with unique visual styles and they're both from Warner Bros., who may very well come out of this season as the biggest winner in Hollywood. New action-packed TV-spots from both films do nothing to temper our excitement.

'Pacific Rim' is, of course, the latest film from Guillermo del Toro and will find humanity battling an inter-dimensional invasion of giant monsters using massive robots that are controlled by two pilots with a psychic link. As one of the few original (i.e., non-sequel, non-remake, non-reboot) films hitting this summer, we have high hopes, especially since the new spot shows off even more unique ways for robots and monsters to beat the crap out of each other.

Meanwhile, 'Man of Steel' looks far less pulpy than 'Pacific Rim,' but no less action packed. While the marketing has split itself between selling the film's dramatic human content and the superhero action, this new spot is all about Superman punching and flying and laser visioning his way through all kinds of baddies (including what appears to be some kind of giant insectoid robot). Every time we think we have a handle on what to expect from Zack Snyder's latest, it just gets bigger and more exciting.

'Man of Steel' arrives on June 14 and 'Pacific Rim' on July 12th.