SNL’s Saturday return didn’t quite get everyone talking as much as the 40th anniversary special, but still left us with a few teasing bits to enjoy. Not only does a new deleted sketch reveal a first look at the 50 Shades of Grey sequel, but so too has cast vet Taran Killam come out in defense of the controversial ISIS sketch.

As released by NBC, a deleted sketch from Dakota Johnson’s Saturday show parodies 50 Shades of Grey once again, this time incorporating the actual star (and Kyle Mooney as Christian Grey) in an HBO preview for the sequel, 50 Shades Darker. Jokes about Christian’s more peculiar fetishes have proven pretty low-hanging fruit, though Johnson’s reactions are worth the price of admission.

50 Shades of Grey wasn’t the only bit to get people talking however, as a flurry of tweets reacted to the ISIS sketch which saw Taran Killam as a father dropping off his daughter (Johnson) for ISIS recruitment. Killam responded, both hitting back at the controversy, and jokingly bowing to it:

Hopefully SNL will shake off any cobwebs to summon the God of Thunder this weekend, as Chris Hemsworth takes the stage with the Zac Brown Band, but will it prove the better outing? Should SNL have gone with another 50 Shades sketch rather than the ISIS promo?