After a few scant weeks off, SNL will make a triumphant return to bask in the second coming of The Avengers with Scarlett Johansson at the helm, along with musical guest Whiz Khalifa. The Black Widow’s third hosting promos have arrived as well, and we’ll give you three guesses why Kenan is sporting an eyepatch.

Yes, the requisite Avengers gags are made in promos of Scarlett Johansson’s May 2 outing, though Kenan protests a different, more Furious reason for the eyepatch. Elsewhere, the two bond over their recent newborn children, though Kenan mistakes Johansson’s third SNL hosting for the Season 40 finale.

We know better, as next week will see Hot Pursuit star Reese Witherspoon hosting with Florence + the Machine, followed by Louis C.K. returning for the season finale with Rihanna as musical guest. Johansson will no doubt follow Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth with another Avengers parody, but will the Black Widow outshine her teammates? Check out Scarlett’s latest SNL promo up above for a taste.

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