This past summer alone has hosted dozens of headlines ripe for the 'South Park' treatment, and with the long-running animated Comedy Central series due to premiere its 18th season this coming Wednesday night, Matt and Trey have picked a fine topic from the starting gate: The NFL. Watch 'South Park' tackle the Washington Redskins debacle in the first clip from the new season premiere, "Go Fund Yourself!"

Though we imagine the 'South Park' premiere to cover a mishmash of recent topics from the NFL debacles of late, our first clip from the new season sees Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder chewing out Cartman for use of his team's name, following the lawsuit decision to remove the Redskins trademark for its derogatory nature. The satire seems a bit on the nose, but keep in mind we're only seeing a minute or so from the new season, which itself may not even reflect the final product.

Here's how Comedy Central describes Wednesday's Kickstarter-parodying 'South Park' premiere, "Go Fund Yourself":

After Cartman and the boys name their new company The Washington Redskins, they just sit back and watch the funding roll in. The head coach of the Washington Redskins football team demands that they change the name but Cartman digs in his heels. The Washington Redskins may never mean the same thing ever again.

As with the past season, the new run of 'South Park' season 18 will unfold across 10 episodes in as many weeks, down from the 7-episode halves used in previous years. For the future at least, 'South Park' has been renewed through season 20 in 2016.

Well, what do you think? Does 'South Park' have their pick of the litter for headlines to skewer, or would you prefer smaller, more personal stories like last season? Watch the first clip of the premiere above, and give us your thoughts in the comments!