'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl Trailer: Set Your Phasers to Awesome

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The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl trailer is here! And unlike many of the other  trailers, this 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl trailer comes with its own app that promises more videos, images and even the chance to win a trip to the 'Star Trek' premiere! Find out how to download the new app and use it to interact with the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl trailer below!

Even if you saw the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl trailer, you're going to want to watch it again. Why? So you can watch it with this "first of its kind" app (and, of course, just to watch this awesome new 'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer over again). What exactly does this app do? Well it includes:

- A geofencing function for location-based experiences such as encouraging viewers to go to the movies;
- An audio scan function that can be turned on to automatically recognize and reward users for watching 'Star Trek Into Darkness' content on TV and other media;
- An image scan function that enables users to interact with images printed or viewable in the real world;
- New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' content, such as videos, images and wallpapers delivered directly to users’ mobile devices;
- Exclusive opportunities and special offers only available to app users.

No, we're not entirely sure what "geofencing" is either. You can download the new 'Star Trek Into Darkness' app in the iTunes app store or in the Android marketplace.

Now that we're done talking about this pretty cool app (we've played around with it and it really is neat), can we talk a little bit about this 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl trailer? Yes, please. We'd like to have this movie now. Sadly we have to wait until May 17th.

Get a first look at the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl trailer below right here!

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