'Star Wars' fans needn't worry about whether their favorite composer will return to score the new 'Episode 7'-led trilogy -- director J.J. Abrams assures us John Williams will be coming back.

During a recent press stop in Berlin to promote 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' J.J. Abrams joined the cast to discuss the upcoming sequel, but as expected, fans were also interested in details on another space epic -- 'Star Wars: Episode 7.' Abrams is set to helm the first film of the new trilogy, and although he's been coy about his plans, he did have something to say about the music.

In the video below (which primarily features discussion about 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' obviously), Abrams says that he will not be bringing longtime composer friend Michael Giacchino on board to score the new 'Star Wars' film, as he's certain the legendary John Williams will return to provide a new score for 'Episode 7.' Why the certainty? Abrams says "because apparently he was there long before I was."

Williams created the iconic score for the original 'Star Wars' films, so it's hard to imagine a new entry to the franchise without him. Williams also scored the original 'Superman' film, though the upcoming 'Man of Steel' score comes courtesy of Hans Zimmer. There's something to be said for bringing in new composers to try and set remakes and sequels apart from their predecessors, but we've got a feeling fans might revolt if Williams didn't return for 'Star Wars.'